Tuesday, August 08, 2006

August 6, 2006
6:00 - 9:00 PM

Bach,Keyboard Concerto #7 in Gmin BWV 1058/ Angela Hewitt, piano, Australian Chamber Orch., Tognetti, dir.

Turgenev: Fathers & Sons/ Extract read by Bryant Manning

Mozart: Fantasia for Pianoforte K 475

Muzio Clementi:Symphony #1 in Cmaj/Claudio Scimone, Philharmonia Orch. (Erato)

Gluck/Kreisler: Air from Orfeo/ Grumiaux, violin (UNI)

Kurt Atterberg: Symphony #7/ (CPO)

Delius: Walk Through the Paradise Garden/ A. Davis, BBC Sym. Orch. (Teldec)

Szymanowski: String Quartet # 1

Dvorak: Piano Quartet #2 in G/ Ax, Stern, Larado, Ma (Sony)


Rather sketchy information on the play list, but enough to identify most of them. A very substantial program, highlighted by the reading from Turgenev. Maybe Bryant will pass along the text.

The Bach concerto, a staple of the piano for a century, gets a good run-thru;from Angela Hewitt. It was intended to clear the air for the switch into prose.

The reading was a worldly passage depicting a lifestyle long past, and the Mozart Fantasy was somehow just the right music for it. The period instrument sounded as though it could have been in the family for 50 years or more.

Clementi is interesting as much for his faded reputation as for his music. Such a giant in his day, and now so forgotten. His obsession for perfection, which prevented the symphonies from being printed, reminds me of Dukas, another obsessive, and also of Debussy, and Sibelius. They all created masterpieces, but at much personal cost, and with long stretches of non-productivity and downright self-destructive behavior.

Atterberg, on the other hand was fertile in musical thoughts for decades, and produced a body of work that is always alive and changing. The symphony Bryant picked is from a box set of his complete symphonies on the CPO label: a nice overview of a fluent musician.

Stay tuned...I go to Pittsburgh, but return in time for Cyber Classical Radio.



Long planned, a 75-min piece featuring (Russian) words and Music from the film score to Ivan the Terrible by Prokofiev. Muti conducts magnificently.

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