Sunday, August 13, 2006

AUG 13, 2006

Grieg: Adagio from Piano Concerto in A min./ Francois Rene Duchable, Orch Phil. de Strasbourg (Decca)

Prokofiev: Flute Sonata in D maj./ Marina Piccinini, flute, Andraes Haefliger, piano (Avie). First U.S. broadcast.

Schnittke: Sonata for Violincello & Piano (1978)/ Maria Kliegel vc, Raimun Havenith p. (Naxos)

Prokofiev: Ivan the Terrible (complete film music) / Riccardo Muti, Philharmonia Orch. (EMI)

William Boyce: Symphonies #8 & #5/ English String Orch. William Boughton (Nimbus)

Britten: Simple Symphony/ Britten, conductor (Decca)



Bryant began the show solo, as I ran three blocks for the CD I wanted -- in 6 minutes time. First piece was the Mystery Music for listeners to guess, which turned out to be the slow movement from Grieg's Piano Concerto. I had no idea...2 minutes and counting...

Breathless I ran in with the disc I had left in the car's CD player, the new disc by flutist Marina Piccinini. Nowhere in the USA except here on Radio Depaul. Bryant voiced his true feelings about the flute and its wimpy sound..I promised to play the flute sonata by Poulenc in the near future. He did like the Andante, however. Me too.

Schnittke: not wimpy, but with a delicate ending.

Prokofiev: Ivan the Terrible: not wimpy!This ran 74 minutes.

Boyce: Symphony #8 in Dmin & #5 in D; 2 contrasted styles, both Handelesque. Or Purcellian. Or just Boycean, since he really had his own way with the short-lived English style. Was he the last?

Britten: Simple Symphony/ Britten conducting (stylishly). (Decca)

After 74 minutes of Slavic intensity, Bryant's last two choices cleaned the palatte like lemon sorbet.


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