Sunday, August 06, 2006

Program #22
July 30, 2006
Gerry Fisher & Bryant Manning

Over an hour late due to unavoidable circumstances, so we lost any listeners who tuned in at our regular start time of 6PM. Turned out that we were playing music for 2 people and ourselves...

Avison/Scarlatti: Concerto #5/ Cafe Zimmermann (Alpha)

Beethoven: Symphony #7/ Janos Ferencsic, Chicago Symphony Orchestra (Live 1979) CSO CD

Du Min Xin: "Great Wall Symphony" (Marco Polo)

Darius Milhaud: Symphony #4 ("1848")/ Milhaud, conductor (Erato)

Handel: Arias from Theodora and La Lucrezia./Lorraine Hunt Lieberson (Avie)

Chopin: Rondo a la Krakoviak, Op.14/ (DG)-----------------------------------------------------------------------

The Beethoven was an unexpected discovery; a great night at the CSO in the glory years. Janos Ferenscic was a fine conductor unknown on this side of the iron curtain.

Bryant only played one movement of the "Great Wall Symphony" , which was plenty...

In the Nationalist vein as well was Milhaud's "occasional" Symphony ("Composed for the centenary of the 1848 Revolution"). Militarism subverted with a Gallic wink.

Bryant suggested we should play something by Lorraine Hunt Lieberson who had just died. I listened to the Handel aria disc she did for the French label Avie, and picked two sublime moments to celebrate her achievement. In the aria from La Lucretia, we get a viola da Gamba solo which is Handel at his creative best. (Margriet Tindemans has been in Chicago on occasion; a wonderful gambist).

The last piece in our truncated show was Chopin's early Rondo a la Krakoviak, rounding out the Nationalist theme this week.

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Bryant said...

one mistake: the rondo a la krakowiak was on DG, not Naxos. The pianist was Stefan Askenase and conductor was Willem Van Oterloo.

I'm enjoying your writing.