Monday, June 19, 2006


Interested in this subject? Post your definition of what a BLOG is. and how to best use it.

  • The first thing is to understand the medium: what is it? How is this medium best exploited? Apply McLuhan.
  • The second is to focus on the objective. What purposes are best served by this medium? Personal? Political? Social? All and many others?
  • How is a blog dissimilar from, say, the Spectator Papers? Roosevelt's "Fireside Chats"? or Eleanor Roosevelt's column "My Day"? The "New Journalism" of the Seventies? Is a blog a "mass" medium?
  • Are the popular effects of the old journalism mirrored in the effects of the blogosphere today? aren't they just exponentially bigger? Or are they resally different?
  • Other aspects: Interactivity; breaking news (tsunami info from the field)
  • Negative potential; Disinformation (deliberatewly created by enemies) Spying; Apply Orwell. Misinformation. Gossip reported as fact. Unsubstantiated statements on equal plane with substantial research.

And so on...

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