Sunday, August 27, 2006

Program #26
Aug 28, 2006

Bartok: Two Portraits for Orchestra
SWR Symphony Orch.
Hans-Martin Schneidt

Jardin Ottoman
Burhan Ocal, tanbur & voice
Taksim, Pesrev & Song
(L'empreinte Digitale)

A good pairing, since Bartok surely encountered Turkish music like this in his musicological wanderings. This entry gave rise to some pointed questions from Bryant as to just what constitutes "classical" music, and whether Jazz or "World" music counts.

I've never had an answer to this conundrum & can only say I know it when I hear it, and Turkish classical passes the test easily: it's a complex, organised pattern of tones (or actually, modes)and rhythms , used in elite situations, and represents the apex of aesthetic sophistication. (Yes, I like it)
I'm looking for some Persian classical music to play in the future...

Cherubini: String Quartet # 3
Hausmusik, London
Mystery Piece:
Bach, Italian Concerto
Maggie Cole, Hpscd
Sarasa Emsemble

Top of the second hour regular opportunity to win a CD; no takers today. More cuts from this disc will be played in later shows featuring vocalist Emily Van Evera, who is in magnificant voice in music by Purcell & Handel.

J.A. Hiller: Overture "Der jagd"
Max Reger: Hiller Variations (op. 100)
Herbert Blomstedt/ Gewandhaus Orchestra, Leipzig.

A case where the derivative far outshines the source.
Played in a live recording by a legendary conductor & orchestra. This disc is from a celebratory box set dedicated to Blomstedt & the Gewandhaus on the Querstand label. A real rarity. I'll play the Nielson 5th sometime soon.

Alan Bush: 8 Preludes
Peter Jacobs, piano

Here's a name of ill-omen that Bryant brought in; new to me and interesting. I wasn't immediately grabbed, but on reflection there was some interesting piano writing and it was pretty well played. Bush was a tough old Communist who lived to 95.

Ernest Chausson
Philippe Graffin, violin, Vernon Handley/ Royal Liverpool Phil, Orch.

Brand new from Avie, and with such a fine recording of the Elgar Violin Concerto by this young French violinist.

Vaughan Williams: 5 Variants of Dives & Lazerus
Barry Wordsworth/ New Queen's Hall Orch.


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